Shot Blasting Machine for Sale

Shot Blasting Machine

Get the best deals on our shot blasting machines! We stock many types of blasting equipment including spinner hangers, tumble belt barrel blasters, table type blast machines, and overhead monorail conveyor blast machines.

The majority of shot blasting machines use a straightforward wheel equipped with paddle-like blades that rapidly propel steel shot (small pellets that look like BB's), or steel grit at the surface at an extremely high velocity using centrifugal force. The shot blasting machines then recycle and clean the media in an air-wash separator and good dust collector reclaim system.   

No matter how large or small your surface preparation task is, we have a shot blasting machine that will help you get the job done efficiently. To learn more about our selection, and get the best possible price, speak with a product expert today by calling 440-897-5226

A shot blasting machine
Spinner Hanger Shot Blasting Machine, and Monorail Shot Blasting Machines
Tumble Blast Shot Blasting Machine, Barrel Blast Shot Blasting Machine, and Table Blasting Machines