Dust Collectors & Pneumatic Conveying

Pneumatic Conveying Systems | Dust Collection Equipment 

UNIFIED TECHNOLOGIES is a proud representative of CAMCORP dust collection equipment and pneumatic conveying systems. Supplying standard or modified to fit any application.  With nearly three centuries of combined experience, our experts have tackled every application and realize there isn’t a one-size solution fits all.  Passionate, hardworking employees and in-house manufacturing experts take pride in and stand by their work.  Not only do we design, build, and support reliable air pollution control and bulk material handling equipment, we also build trust in all that we do.  Keeping the air clean and bulk material handling efficient is no small task.  It takes collaboration and teamwork.  You can trust CAMCORP to be your partner in supporting a clean-air environment.

How Do Pneumatic Conveying Systems Work?

Certain processes require the transportation of bulk materials through the use of air in pipelines, providing a pressurized force behind your bulk material that propels in through the piping and toward the location where it’s needed. This can be used in a wide variety of applications, including grain collection, abrasive and nonabrasive product transportation, and many other general materials with light bulk densities.

Pneumatic conveying systems work especially well in conjunction with dust collection equipment, as once dust or other fine materials are collected either as a by-product of an industrial process or as a finished product, a pneumatic conveying system has the capability to move these powders or dusts in an effective manner to any location where they’re needed.

Utilizing both our dust collection equipment and pneumatic conveying machinery, dust and other contaminants can be removed from the air you breathe, meaning your workplace will be left with cleaner air, providing a safer working environment for your employees.

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